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Youth Justice Consultation

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Do you have ideas to reduce youth offending and re-offending?

H Wiles
  • Youth criminals shouldn't be slapped in the face by harsh penalties but, be rehabilitated and consoled by counselors.
  • Don't punish kids for stealing essential things like food, especially when so many low socioeconomic families are unable to source food.
  • Many of the offending youth do not see facing court, rehab, etc as deterrents to offending. Harsher penalties need to be implemented for re offenders.
Just a mum
  • Some kids are energetic and need to live on the edge but don't have the ability or means to do this. We needs programs in place to give them this.
  • alot of re-offending happnes due to a disconnection with lower socio-economic groups. more wlefare and care is required, not a blanket solution
  • Young offenders should enter a rehabilitation program with support workers, counsellors and education that engages and empathises with the offender.
  • Listen to them and rehabilitate them. Provide psychological help in a friendly open environment that is welcoming to the people you are trying to help