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Youth Justice Consultation

Here's what we are talking about

Ths consultatation is now closed. Thankyou to everyone who participated and shared their ideas and opinions. You offeredvery useful input and insights.

If you would like to find out more about Youth Justice Reforms, please go here.

The Queensland Government is consulting with Queenslanders to develop a Youth Justice Strategy. We want to hear what you think and get your ideas about some key issues. You can read more about this work here.

Here’s how to be heard

All submissions close at midnight on 16 September 2018.

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What will we do with your ideas?

The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women wants to hear your ideas and opinions on the work we are doing in Youth Justice. When you take the survey or add your ideas and comments here, your answers will contribute to the broad consultation we are doing across Queensland and help us develop a youth justice strategy.

Read more about this consultation. Your feedback will help us develop the Youth Justice Strategy.

Background to Youth Justice consultation.

The Atkinson Report on Youth Justice canvassed a range of issues to do with youth offending. It made several recommendations across four objectives or pillars, and some recommendations about policy and legislation. The questions we are asking here are based around the four pillars and related recommendations in that report.