Climate action

Project overview

The Queensland Government is taking strong action on climate change and is investing in projects that are delivering results for Queenslanders.

In the next decade, we are aiming to reduce emissions by 30% below 2005 levels, and to power half of our state’s energy needs with renewables. By 2050, we want to achieve zero net emissions—where any remaining emissions are offset, for example by storing carbon in the landscape.

  • Have your say on Queensland’s future climate action

    We’d like to know what actions Queenslanders are taking to reduce emissions and build your resilience at home and in your community. We’d also like to understand how we can support you to take climate action.

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  • I have a story about climate action to share

    We would love to hear about how Queenslanders are taking climate action in their own home, community or business.

    Submit your climate action story and your project may be profiled on the Queensland Climate Action website to highlight what is being achieved across our State and inspire more climate action.

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