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Youth Advisory Council recruitment

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Youth Advisory Council recruitment


The details

  • YAC age limits apply to time of commencement with group (to apply you must be between ages 14–25 years inclusive)
  • The YAC will be co-chaired by the Principal Commissioner and Commissioner of the QFCC.
  • The YAC meets monthly in the Brisbane CBD. YAC meetings can be Commissioner led or project-based meetings. Meetings are currently conducted online due to COVID-19 restrictions but will resume as face-to-face meetings once restrictions have eased.
  • YAC positions are offered on a voluntary basis.
  • Additional opportunities (internal and external) are offered to young people on the YAC with some remunerated and others in a voluntary capacity. Acceptance of these additional opportunities are at the young person’s discretion. 
  • It is possible that the YAC may be approached, via the QFCC, for advice relating to other external matters to the QFCC’s projects and activities. This will be a part of normal YAC duties and will occur in meetings. 
  • YAC positions will be selected by the QFCC based on an assessment of the applications received against the requirement for balanced and diverse representation on the YAC.
  • YAC positions are for a two year term.