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WOW Women of the World Festival

You shared your ideas!

Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas to help to form the WOW Festival 2018 program.

The next WOW Festival in Australia will be held at the Brisbane Powerhouse on the second weekend in April (6-8th April) as part of Festival 2018, the state-wide cultural program associated with the Commonwealth Games. It will be the first WOW Festival dedicated to the 52 Commonwealth countries, showcasing the extraordinary diversity of Commonwealth cultures and traditions.

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You spoke and the organisers listened!

One of the speakers suggested on the ideas wall below is part of the WOW program for 2018. Mikhara Ramsing from Ethnic LGBT+ is on the program for Sunday April 8. In her WOW Bites session, Mikhara answers the question ‘Can I be Indian and gay?’, and she shares her personal story and what drove her to set up Ethnic LGBT+.

In 2015, the first WOW Women of the World Festival was held in Brisbane. The Brisbane based organisers, Of One Mind, are now planning the second WOW Festival in Queensland at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 6 to 8 April 2018.

Young women were given the opportunity to contribute to the planning for this event!

The WOW Festival 2018 program was built around celebrating the successes of women and girls in Queensland and the Commonwealth of Nations, as it will be held during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Festival will also identify the issues that are barriers to women and girls achieving their goals.

Many women have been consulted about the planning of this event, First Nations women, women in government and women in the general public from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and in regional and remote communities - Bundaberg, Katherine, Lockhart River, the Torres Strait and the Channel Country.

We asked to hear your ideas! 

Young woman aged between 12 and 25 years werer invited to shae their thoughts and ideas. See the ideas wall below to see the ideas shared. 

We asked: 

  • What are the most pressing issues you face as a young woman today?
  • Who would you like to hear from at the Festival?
  • Who do you want to see perform at the Festival?
  • What skills would you like to learn?

Although WOW is now a global event held in many cities and five continents, this will be the first ever WOW Festival to bring together women of the Commonwealth of Nations, to hear their stories, celebrate their achievements, and learn from their strength and resilience.

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