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Women drawing a grid with a pen

As a young woman, have you ever thought of a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math?

Queensland will need to rely on greater diversity in these fields into the future. We want to encourage and support women and girls into careers in STEM so that we can deliver the innovations and benefits to the economy that Queensland needs.

More women in STEM = benefits for everyone!

We want to celebrate Queensland’s talented and hardworking women, and give you the opportunity to connect with them.

Do you want to talk to the 2018 Women in STEM prize winners?

Maybe you want to ask them how they decided on their field, or what their biggest challenge has been? Maybe you want to ask what they love most about their job, or how you can start planning your own career in STEM.

The Woman in STEM in the People’s Choice Voting has now closed. Winners will be announced during the World Science Festival Brisbane

Talk to the winners

After the winners have been announced on March 24, you will have the chance to talk to the winners right here on eHub.Stay tuned to find out details.

Head over to our forum and tell us what you would like to ask the winners.

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