We can't have a conversation about the future of work without having a conversation with youth.

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The Future of Work

Project Overview

The future of work in Queensland is the focus of new research for Jobs Queensland and we want you to contribute.

Jobs Queensland recently released The Future of Work in Queensland to 2030: Evolution or revolution? discussion paper which considers how the future workforce and economy will be impacted by key drivers of change across society.

But we can’t talk about the future without talking about youth. We want to hear what you think the future of work will look like and what will be important to you as you enter or progress through the workforce. Take the survey now for your chance to win a $50 JB Hi-Fi gift card!

  • The Jobs Queensland Future of Work survey

    What skills do you see as necessary for the work of the future? What technology do you think will be important in the workplace? How do you want to be able to work and live?

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The Future of Work in Queensland to 2030 - Evolution or revolution?

As Queensland moves further into the 21st century, differing viewpoints are emerging on the future of work. New contributions to the debate are published on an almost daily basis by academics, governments, think tanks and the corporate sector alike. Views range from highly optimistic – 'technology will solve all our problems’ - to highly pessimistic – ‘robots are going to take our jobs’. The work that Jobs Queensland has undertaken to date suggests that the subject is more complex.

Jobs Queensland is a statutory entity providing independent strategic advice to the Queensland Government on future skills requirements, workforce planning and development, and apprenticeships and traineeships.

Jobs Queensland is undertaking a project to explore the future of work and the possible implications for employment and skills policy within Queensland.

Jobs Queensland is currently consulting on this project. A report will be submitted to the Queensland Government at the end of 2019.