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Queensland's Anti-cyberbullying Taskforce

Meet the Taskforce members

Naraja Clay Naraja Clay is a member of the National Youth Reference Group for Headspace, and also consults for Headspace in Nundah and Woolloongabba. She has identified cyberbullying as one of the biggest issues facing young people, and experienced bullying throughout her schooling. Naraja also consults on child and youth mental health, and is actively involved in her communities, including a support group for LGBTI women of colour.


Taj PabaiTaj Pabai is the founder of Fiftysix Creations, Australia’s largest entrepreneurship school workshop provider. The social enterprise runs workshops in schools and during the school holidays, teaching young people about the world of business, entrepreneurship and creativity. Thus far, Fiftysix Creations and Partners has reached over 100,000 students internationally through it’s workshop programs. Taj has been named the Young Australian of the Year for Queensland (2017), Young Innovator of the Year (2014) and was the Winner of Westpac’s Top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow (2017).

In total, there are 15 task force members.  They have expertise in social media and online communication, cyber security, education, child and youth mental health, law, disability and support services and parenting. Recognising the critical importance of engaging with young people to tackle this complex issue, the Taskforce includes young people.

You can get to know all of them here.