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Queensland Youth Week #QYW2018

Tell us your ideas

Winners Announced

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their ideas about Queensland Youth Week.

There were some really cool ideas posted. We printed them out, gave them to our creative team and locked them in a room together so they could set to work. Your ideas really helped get the creative juices flowing.


They were all pretty awesome, but we couldn’t help but have a few favourites. Congratulations to Jasmine, Erryn and Lozlis12 – you have each won a $50 JB HiFi gift card (We’ll be in touch soon to confirm your details). Jasmine’s, Erryn’s and Lozlis12’s tag lines will all be featured in upcomng eHub events.

Watch this space - We will be announcing the final tag line shortly along with all the details about Queensland Youth Week.




We’re planning a week that’s all about you!

Queensland Youth Week is coming up in April 2018. It’s a time to celebrate all of the awesome work young Queenslanders are doing in their communities. It’s also a great opportunity to highlight how young people can make a difference and shape the future of Queensland.

It’s a week focused on all young people aged 12 – 25 years across the state. You might be just starting high school or an electrician about to finish an apprenticeship. You might be someone just about to get your learner’s licence or a paramedic saving lives. We want to hear from everyone.

We know you have ideas. We want to hear them.

You’ve told us you want a voice in decisions made by the Queensland Government. That’s what Queensland Youth Week is all about.

As warriors for social change, economic growth and technological innovation, we know you and your mates have great ideas to share with us.

You can have a say on the things that matter to you, and to your friends. Share your ideas, knowledge, wisdom and experience to help create an even better Queensland for young people.

Let’s get started

To get things started we want you to help us develop a tagline for Queensland Youth Week 2018.

Something that links to the idea of giving young people a voice.

Something you think will encourage your mates to raise their voices too and take part in activities that will add your views to government decisions, programs and services that matter to you.

Tell us your tagline. Keep it under 10 words and if yours is selected in the top 3, you’ll win a $50 gift voucher from JB HiFi.

Want to win one of three $50 JB HiFi gift vouchers?

Tell us in your words …

  • What does having a voice mean to you?
  • Break it down for us to a tagline (a slogan or catchphrase) of less than 10 words

Enter your ideas below!  

To enter, all you have to do is be between 12 and 25 years old; live in Queensland and be registered on the QYS eHub. It’s super easy!

Be quick! You have until 5pm Monday 6 November to get your ideas in.

Don't forget to share on social media  #tagtheweek  #QYW18

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Update - 30 October 2017

Hello everyone,

The Queensland Government is now in caretaker mode until after the state election.  We won’t be able to reply to political comments or  if you make your entries political, then we wont release them and they may be deleted. Any content posted here by members of the public do not necessarily represent the views of the Queensland Government.

To find out more about the caretaker mode and its conventions go to:


Youth week 2018 - tell us your ideas?