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Multicultural Youth Australia 2017 Census

Frequently Asked Questions

The census data will be stored on a secured computer server in line with the University of Melbourne’s data storage and security protocols. Access to raw census data will only be available to the University research team for analysis and reporting. Census results can be accessed by the public through the MY Australia website and knowledge hub.

All data collected will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. Census data will be de-identified before analysis and storage, meaning any personal information such as name or contact details will be removed from the rest of the survey data and stored separately.

Census data will be analysed by the University of Melbourne research team in accordance with its ethical research guidelines.

Census data will be used to produce the first ever multicultural youth status report. This report and aggregated census data will be made available to the public through the MY Australia website.

This research is being funded by the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Project Scheme (LP150100219) and conducted by University of Melbourne. The project partners are:
Centre for Multicultural Youth
Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network
Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network – NSW
Access Community Services
Multicultural Youth South Australia
Youth Coalition ACT
Migrant Resource Centre Southern Tasmania
Youth Advisory Council WA
Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship (Department of Premier and Cabinet)

For more details about the census or any aspect of the MY Australia research project, please contact:
Dr Rimi Khan
Research Unit in Public Cultures | School of Culture
and Communication
Youth Research Centre | Graduate School of Education
University of Melbourne