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Multicultural Youth Australia 2017 Census

About the census

Thank you to everyone who shared their insights into the first ever Multicultural Youth census.

All of your input has gone directly to the University of Melbourne to contribute to the first annual report on the status of multicultural youth in Australia. As soon as the report is preleased, we will add a link here.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the census or any aspect of the MY Australia research project, please contact:

Dr Rimi Khan
Research Unit in Public Cultures; School of Culture and Communication; Youth Research Centre; Graduate School of Education
University of Melbourne

QYS eHub teamed up with MY AUSTRALIA to ask young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to take part in the first ever Multicultural Youth Census.

Multicultural young people make up at least one-quarter of all Australian youth but very little is known about their needs. This census aims to find out more about Australia’s multicultural young people, what they value, and their vision for the future. Australia’s young people today are more mobile and culturally diverse than ever before. While this brings many advantages, multicultural young people face challenges that are not well understood by the community or government – such as discrimination, intergenerational conflict and economic insecurity. The census asks about economic, social and cultural indicators to learn how young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds are faring in life. The census will be vital for understanding how multicultural young people can contribute to building stronger communities.

The census data will be used to produce the first annual report on the status of multicultural youth in Australia. The report will be distributed to policymakers at all levels of government, youth organisations, community groups and education providers to help improve settlement outcomes and social cohesion for multicultural young people.

This is the first opportunity to give multicultural young people a voice in policy development at a national level. While other surveys target youth or older migrants, this is the first Australia-wide study of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. The census data will form a benchmark that will be used to measure the progress of multicultural young people into the future.

The census is an online survey that takes 20 minutes to complete. 

The census is a research collaboration between University of Melbourne and eight youth organisations and government agencies around Australia. The research is funded by the Australian Research Council (LP150100219 2016-2018).