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Make mental health meme-ingful

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  • Make a meme

    Want to make your own and enter the competition, but don't know where to start? 

    You can get really creative with everything from the wit of your captions, to the imagery of your choice. And if you’re really lucky, your meme might just go viral. You can use one of the tools below to create your meme to fit with the six steps to valuing mental health and wellbeing.

    And for the zealots among you - make sure you check out know your meme - no one wants a meme faux pas. 

    Try some of these: 


    Imgur Memes

    Imgur, one of the web's largest and most popular free image hosting platforms, has its very own meme generator tool. Simply select a default image background from the grid of examples below or upload your own. Edit the text to set the caption exactly how you want it is one of the most popular tools used for making memes. You can browse through ones that have been made by others and use the menu above to look for different characters, images, what’s popular and the newest. Hover your cursor over "Create" to start making your own meme image or character.



    Aside from its reliable GIF creation tool, Imgflip also features a meme generator. Some of the better features include customizable fonts and sizes, the ability to draw on images and add multiple text boxes.

    Meme Creator

    Meme Creator

    Meme Creator is yet another super simple tool that gives you a range of popular meme images that you can use to build your own. Hover your cursor over "Create" at the top to browse for a meme template or to upload your own. You can also see which memes are trending or view the main page to see the newest ones.