We want to hear your ideas about the types of things you think will tackle cyberbullying.


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How can we tackle cyberbullying?

Project Overview

The Queensland Government is offering grants for young people to run initiatives that tackle cyberbullying. We want to hear your ideas about what you think could help put a stop to online bullying.

The grants could be used to fund a wide range of initiatives. They could fund an online or digital project, a workshop at your school, or maybe something creative that involves the arts or music. Or perhaps you have some ideas that haven’t yet been thought of!

Tell us your ideas by posting your thoughts on the ideas wall, completing our short survey, or voting in our (even shorter) polls. You can also join the conversation at our youth Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What are the tackle cyberbullying grants all about?

The quick version is that grants from $500 to $1,500 are available to Queenslanders aged 10-17 years. Or if you’re over 17 you can get involved with grants available to community organisations, which range from $1,500 to $5,000.

If you’re interested in applying for a grant you can find out more at qld.gov.au/tacklecyberbullying. Grants will be awarded to successful applicants to implement activities between 15 August and 15 November. Applications close 23 June 2019.

Whether you intend to apply for a grant or get involved with a community organisation who is applying, or if you just want share your ideas here on eHub, your actions could inspire others and help tackle cyberbullying.

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