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Information to help keep you safe

We've looked at the web stats, and it appears that a lot of you are interested in finding out more info about how to stay safe.

We're asking you to help us improve our website by telling us what issues matter to you the most.

We created the Queensland Government Youth website to help you easily navigate information about support services and activities. On the site you can find information about:

  • education and training
  • work and career
  • life skills and turning 18
  • driving and transport
  • health and looking after yourself
  • sport and leisure
  • how to get involved and have your say
  • family and social support
  • being safe and knowing your rights

Help us improve our website

We're interested in understanding what further information you need to keep yourself safe, in person and online, so we can improve the website to suit your needs.

Please take the quick survey below to help us better understand what safety issues matter to you.

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    Please let us know how we can improve the information about safety issues for young people on the Queensland Government Youth website. Survey closes 21 February 2019.

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