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Amplify - a visual arts opportunity for young Queenslanders

Send us your artwork!

We are inviting young Queenslanders (13 to 18 years) to share their artistic talents to show us how they see their communities, hopes and dreams and what is important to them.

The Queensland Family and Child Commission's (QFCC) Youth Advisory Council are inviting you to express your thoughts and opinions about growing up in Queensland through a visual lens.

Send in a painting, drawing, photograph or graphic artwork around one of these three themes:

  • Community - Visually tell us about your family, friends, and community. Who are they, what makes them unique, what do you like about them and what are you connected to.
  • Hopes and dreams – Visually tell us about what you want to do in the future, what do you want from life, what do you dream of and how are you going to achieve your dreams.
  • Issues important to you – Visually tell us about the issues that are most important to you, what challenges and opportunities you see as a young Queensland.

By submitting your artwork you are in with a chance to have your artwork published, promoted and showcased in the QFCC’s activities and projects and win one of four JB Hi-Fi vouchers! Check out the Terms and Conditions to find out more.

Before 8 November 2020, please:

  1. Complete the online submission form using the QFCC website link below
  2. Upload your artwork submission
  3. Add an explanation of your artwork
  4. Give consent for us to share your artwork.

Full details and link to submit are available on the QFCC website

Hurry you have until 8 November 2020 to submit your artwork!

One of the best things about our state is the beautiful diversity in our people and our communities.  The QFCC provides meaningful opportunities for all young Queenslanders to participate in and inform our work. Children and young people’s perspectives shed a unique light on the issues that impact them today and into the future. Their stories and experiences are important to see and learn from.

The YAC is one way the QFCC champions the voices of children and young people to provide youth perspectives and leadership to the QFCC. The YAC meets regularly to talk about issues affecting young people and provide advice to the Commissioners on what is important to children and young people in Queensland. They also work with other young Queenslanders to identify the key issues, designs innovative solutions and implement responses to address these issues.

Check out our existing members here:

They want to connect with more young Queenslanders and see the world through their eyes.  They want the opportunity to amplify what young people think and are committed to showcasing the artworks that are received.