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Queensland Youth Strategy

The Queensland Youth Strategy creates opportunities for young people to participate in decision-making that will affect their lives now and in the future.

Central to the strategy’s success is our ongoing commitment to continuous engagement with young people. As part of this commitment, the Queensland Youth eHub enables young people to have a voice in developing relevant government policies and services. This will enable young people to help shape Queensland’s future, and also encourage innovation and community ownership of these policies and services.

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Building blocks

When we developed the Queensland Youth Strategy, we spoke to more than 1,200 young people like you. You told us what is most important to you and we listened.

We have four building blocks that are based on what you told us. The building blocks give us a way to guide our work and make sure we get you involved in what we are doing.

The four building blocks are:

  • Supporting our most vulnerable young people
  • Housing
  • Healthy futures
  • Educating into employment.


Youth strategy and action schedule

Download the Queensland Youth Strategy in PDF or DOCX here.

You can also find out about all the actions the Queensland Government is undertaking based on the Queensland Youth Strategy. 


Find out more

If you want to find out about services, support, and more information for young Queenslanders, head over to the Queensland Government Youth Website.


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